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The Sunquest ICE system links your GP practice directly to our laboratories, meaning you can request results electronically. The system allows you to see pathology and radiology results held by the hospital, including ones you have not requested, and means the laboratory team can see all the information it needs. ICE also keeps an electronic record in a patient's notes so that there is full accountability.

(NB: this information only applies to Oxford Road and Trafford sites)

Contacting the Business Support Team about ICE

If you are an existing ICE user (TGH or ORC) and you have a problem with the system, a request for training or another ICE issue, call 0161 276 8766 (option 6). Your call will be logged and passed to the relevant team. We will try to solve your issue as soon as possible.

New users

Download and complete this form to apply for new user access to GP pathology requesting and email it to

We will create new user accounts within five days, although we try to do this as quickly as possible. To be sure of an account being created in this time, you must log your request via We will send you an email when the account has been created.

Adding a new test to your requesting screen

If you would like a new test to be added to the ICE requesting screen, have a new pre-defined process set up, or make changes to report formatting, please send your request to Please provide as much information as possible to ensure that your request is handled quickly. We aim to make changes within seven days, but more complex requests might take longer.

Reset your ICE password in the Emis system

If you enter your ICE password incorrectly in Emis you may need to reset it.

Download instructions on resetting the password for online test requesting in Emis Web.

ICE user manuals

The step-by-step process for electronic test requesting is covered in the following manuals:

For additional support, email or call 0161 276 8011.


(Last reviewed May 2023)