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January 2023

Following a review of IPC practice, the MFT Laboratory Medicine Phlebotomy Team can now collect samples on eight patients per hour when attending South Manchester GP practices. This change can be implemented immediately.

To ensure the Phlebotomy clinic runs efficiently, and prevent delays in the Phlebotomists attending the next GP surgery on their rota, please ensure that:

  • a printed or handwritten list of patient appointments is available at the start of the clinic
  • blood test request forms are ready for the start of the clinic, unless the patient is bringing it with them
  • any patient booked into a cancelled slot is asked to attend at the allotted time and not at the end of the clinic. The phlebotomist cannot stay after the allocated time as this will impact on other GP practices.

To allow the Phlebotomy team to operate safely and on-time, please ensure the room that will be used by Phlebotomy has:

  • all equipment needed for phlebotomy i.e., bottles, various size safety needles, tourniquets, sterets, gauze, tape or plasters and a sharps bin
  • a patient chair/bed with arm rests and an additional chair for the Phlebotomists use
  • a table or trolley large enough to accommodate the blood taking equipment to be used during the session
  • a sink, soap and paper towels for the Phlebotomist to be able to wash their hands
  • a call/alarm system fitted in the room to alert surgery staff in an emergency

Contact numbers:

Anne-Marie Burns, Phlebotomy Manager: 0161 291 2115

Angela Cockayne, Phlebotomy Supervisor: 0161 291 5428