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The CSTD was launched in April 2017. Staff in the laboratory has worked with the IT department and the Screening and Immunisation Teams to populate the database with sample taker details including the dates of sample taker training. Practice managers and sample takers can access reports on inadequate rates and the number of rejected samples via links to the CSTD. User guides have also been produced to enable both practice managers and sample takers make maximum use of the CSTD. The department now sends email reminders to sample takers when their next update training is due, hence the last training date is required for all sample takers.

Registration on the CSTD is mandatory to support sample acceptance and unregistered sample takers may be reported to the Screening and Immunisation Teams to prevent screening incidents.

More information is available on the Cervical Sample Takers Database page, including access to the current CSTD user guides for:

  • Training providers
  • Practice managers or lead clinicians e.g. lead colposcopists
  • Sample takers


(Last reviewed March 2023)