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The laboratory provides cervical screening results to approximately 1200 primary care and hospital clinic locations who receive their results electronically. The result is sent to a nominated destination within the practice/clinic to ensure all reports are seen and actioned. Read codes for recording the result on GP clinical systems are as follows:

Cervical screening report terminology Result code on Exeter Read code
Inadequate/High-risk Human Papillomavirus (HR-HPV) Unreliable 1 4K21
Negative 2/N 4K22
Borderline change in squamous cells 8/B 4K290
Borderline change in endocervical cells 9/E 4K291
Low-grade dyskaryosis 3/M 4K2J
High-grade dyskaryosis (moderate) 7 4K2K
High-grade dyskaryosis (severe) 4 4K2L
High-grade dyskaryosis? Invasive squamous carcinoma 5 4K2M
? Glandular neoplasia of endocervical type 6 4K2N
? Glandular neoplasia (non-cervical) 0/G 4K2P
High-risk Human Papillomavirus (HR-HPV) not detected X 4K3E

The Cervical Screening Administration Service (CSAS) receive an electronic copy of the report to update the woman’s cervical screening history on the Exeter system.

(Last reviewed March 2024)