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Complaints or comments

We would hope that you do not have reason to complain about the service we provide.  However, if you do, please use the contact details below or the specific departmental contact details to raise this with us in the first instance.  Patient complaints can be made through the Trust website.

Laboratory Medicine contacts – Wythenshawe hospital

Name / Position Extension Email address
Rajesh Rajendran

Clinical Head of Division
David Brayshaw

Director of Laboratories
Dr Leena Joseph

Deputy Clinical Head of Division – Clinical Quality and Safety
Teresa Colilla

Pathology PA

Nigel Martin

Pathology IT Manager

Andrew Sayce

Pathology Quality & Service Lead

Anne-Marie Burns

Phlebotomy Operational Manager

All telephone extensions should be prefixed with 0161 291 when calling from outside the hospital unless otherwise stated

(Last reviewed June 2021)