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Please note: separate blood samples for each laboratory discipline are required – Mycology, Microbiology, Immunology, Biochemistry and Haematology.

All routine serum biochemistry tests can be analysed on one filled 4.9ml tube (brown top). For non-routine tests please see the individual test information in the Test Library in the handbook.

Further details for non-routine tests: contact the Duty Biochemist.

Sample transportation

CSF, precious samples and samples that must reach the laboratory within a set time must not be transported by pneumatic tube.

Add-on tests

The majority of tests can be added onto an initial collection within 24 hours. Some tests are more stable and can be added on up to 5 days. Urine samples are stored for 2 days, all other samples are stored for a minimum of 5 days and then discarded. Please contact the add-on line on ext. 4765 to request any additional tests.

Sample information

Age and sex related reference ranges are available from the laboratory and will be provided with reports, providing sufficient patient information is given when requesting. Biochemistry samples should be filled to the line to allow enough sample for analysis. Turnaround times are for routine samples. If tests are urgently required then please contact the Duty Biochemist during routine working hours or, outside these times, bleep the on-call BMS.


(Last reviewed June 2021)