Our multi-skilled team is made up of Clinical Photographers, Healthcare Graphic Designers, Healthcare Videographers and Administration support.

Please contact us on the following:

Oxford Road Campus
0161 271 64139

Medical.IllustrationSouth@mft.nhs.uk – 0161 291 5832

Follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with what we doing:
Twitter: @medillus

Administration Team    

Geraldine Thompson
Services Lead

Nigel Jones
Administration Team Lead

Elizabeth Myers
Administration Oxford Road

Sandra Riley
Administration Wythenshawe

Lynne Beckford
Administration Wythenshawe

Photography Team    

Daniel Morrison 
Photography Team Manager

James Culley
Senior Photographer

Jonathan Chilton
Senior Photographer

Graphics and Illustration

Stephen Atherton
Graphics and Video Team Manager

Kelly Shennan
Graphic Designer

David Buckley
Graphic Designer/ Medical Illustrator

Shabana Khan
Graphic Designer

Andrew Powell
Graphic Designer


Pedro do Carmo Labanca
Film Maker