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Please find listed below the upcoming meetings that are open to members (staff and public) and members of the public.

MFT Council of Governors meetings during the ongoing COVID-19 National Emergency

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 National Emergency and the UK Government’s social distancing requirements currently in place, meetings of the MFT Council of Governors are currently not being held in public. All meetings with Group Non-Executive Directors and Governors are being conducted remotely through electronic communication (‘virtual’ MS Teams sessions).

During this interim arrangement, the Council of Governors agendas will continue to focus on the following priority agenda topics:

  • The Trust’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 National Emergency
  • The Trust’s post COVID-19 Recovery Programme
  • Quality & Safety
  • Workforce (inc. Staff Health & Wellbeing)
  • Finance

In the meantime, our staff are continuing to work incredibly hard in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and we thank you for your continued support during these unprecedented times.

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