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The range of immunology tests offered is described in the A-Z of immunology tests. A brief summary of the clinical applications of each test is provided - this is intended only as a guide. Additional background support is provided by links to clinical areas.

Specimen Acceptance Policy

The Division of Laboratory Medicine has a Specimen Acceptance Policy. A copy of the Divisional Specimen Acceptance policy is included in the DLM handbook obtained from the Client Services Office, CSB1.

Request form

The request form should contain a unique identifier, in addition to the minimum acceptance criteria listed below, so that the results of investigations can be accurately filed in the laboratory computer patient record.

The request form must match the pieces of information on the samples – district number, surname, forename and date of birth.

Where there are multiple samples, taken at different times, the times should be recorded on the request. The times should also match the times written on the tubes.

Each request form should also contain:

  • NHS or Hospital Number
  • Address for the report
  • Consultant or GP Name of requestor
  • Test(s) required
  • Date and time of sample when the time is important and when there are multiple samples
  • Sex
  • Contact number for requestor

Relevant clinical information If the above items are omitted, then it may not be possible to issue a report or to interpret results. In addition, the laboratory may not conduct some analyses if this information is not given. Appropriate comments will be made on the report.

Additional examinations

The time limit for requesting additional examinations is restricted to two weeks. This restriction excludes requests for the unmasking of ENA and DNA results following a positive ANA result. The unmasking of ANAs is restricted to 28 days from the date of the original assay.

(Last reviewed June 2019)