General Haematology tests

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Here is a list of the general tests carried out by the Haematology department, together with specimen requirements and the estimated time it will take to produce a result.

The results availability times given here represent the time generally required to produce a result following receipt of the sample in the laboratory. Sample transport times are not included.

Where appropriate, if a result is required the same day samples must be received sufficiently early to allow completion of the test. Contact the lab if the test you require is not listed.

These tests are available during the normal working day. See a list of haematology tests available outside core working hours.

For further advice and information call the laboratory on 0161 276 64030 or 64032.

(performed at ORC/Trafford)
Specimen requirements Results available (from time of receipt in lab)
Urgent Non-urgent Reports available

Full blood count and automated differential


1 x 3.4ml red cap EDTA

[1.2ml EDTA – paediatric sample]

[1x 0.5ml EDTA – paediatric sample]

1hr 4hr 24hr

Manual blood film (call the lab on 0161 276 64030)


Any of the above specimen types by arrangement 24hr 24hr

Reticulocyte count including RetHe (diagnostic for renal patients)


Any of the above

(from FBC sample)

1hr 4hr 24hr

Erthrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)


1x 3.4ml red cap EDTA (from FBC sample)

(1x 0.32ml black cap citric – paediatric only)

1.5hr 4hr 24hr

Screening test for glandular fever


1 x 3.4ml red cap EDTA

1x 1.2ml red cap EDTA – Paediatric sample

30 min Same day 24hr



1ml in grey top anticoagulant free tube (available from lab – ext 64030) 2hr 6hr 24hr

Bone marrow report (call the lab on 0161 276 64030)


4 slides + 1 x 3 ml EDTA by arrangement 7 days 7 days

Detection of malarial parasites (call the lab on 0161 276 64030)


From full blood count specimen 2hr by arrangement N/A 24hr

Plasma Viscosity

(referred to Wythenshawe Hospital)

If urgent plasma viscosity required at ORC and TGH sites please contact the lab to arrange courier transport.

1 x 3.4ml red cap EDTA

[1x 1.2ml EDTA – paediatric sample]

2hr 24hr 24hr

Haptoglobulin Estimation

(sent away)


7ml clotted red cap N/A Within 10 days 10 days


(Last reviewed November 2019)