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The results availability times given here represent the time generally required to produce a result following receipt of the sample in the laboratory. Sample transport times are not included.

Where appropriate, if a result is required the same day samples must be received sufficiently early to allow completion of the test. Contact the lab if the test you require is not listed.

These tests are available during the normal working day. See a list of haematology tests available outside core working hours.


Wythenshawe Laboratory – Please note from 12.05.21 Only Sarstedt tubes will be in use, until then BD/Becton Dickinson sample collection tubes are used for adults and Sarstedt for paediatric patients. Please see Wythenshawe Pathology handbook for further details.


(Performed at ORC/Trafford/

Specimen requirements Results available (from time of receipt in lab)
Urgent Non-urgent Reports available

Heparin control


Green cap vacutainer [1.3ml neonate, 2.9ml paediatric or adult] 60 min 3hr 24 hours

Oral Anticoagulant Control (INR)


As above 60 min 3hr 24 hours

LMWH assay


As above 60 min 3hr 24 hours

DOAC assay


As above 120 min 48hr 24 hours


(Last reviewed January 2023)