Muscle biopsies

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All Muscle biopsies should booked with the laboratory in advance before the procedure, by telephoning the laboratory on 0161 701 2240. This is to ensure the availability of the appropriate scientific staff to handle the specimen.

All muscle biopsies should be transported to the laboratory in an appropriately labelled dry specimen container accompanied with a request card. Muscle biopsies should be wrapped in foil to prevent the specimen from drying out. These specimens need to be transported to the laboratory immediately.

If the muscle biopsy requires mitochondrial analysis, a portion of the muscle is given to the Willink Laboratory. It is the responsibility of the requesting consultant to inform the laboratory if mitochondrial analysis is needed and to fill out all the necessary forms.

Enzyme histochemistry staining is essential for all muscle biopsies for diagnosis and this technique cannot be performed if specimens are placed into formalin.

Muscle biopsies will not be performed on any high risk or potentially high risk specimen.

If there are any queries out of hours then the advice of the on call Consultant Paediatric Histopathologist (contacted through MFT switchboard) should be sought.

(Last reviewed February 2019)