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The laboratory is committed to providing a high quality service to all service users however it understands that aspects of the service may not meet the requirements of the customer at all times, should this occur and there be a requirement to make a complaint to the laboratory please submit this in writing to one of the Clinical or Laboratory Managers – please make any reservations you may have about the quality of any aspect of the service known to us as soon as possible: we take your complaints very seriously.

Any suggestions from users on how this user guide could be improved would be welcome for inclusion in future editions.

Please forward suggestions to Ben Kirkman, Quality Manager or or to the following address:

Ben Kirkman
Quality Manager
Manchester Medical Microbiology Partnership
Clinical Sciences Building
Manchester Royal Infirmary
Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9WZ

Please also let us know about new services you would wish to see developed.


(Last reviewed March 2023)