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All renal biopsies should booked in advance with the laboratory, by telephoning the laboratory on 0161 701 2240. This is to ensure the availability of the appropriate scientific staff to handle the specimen. Any urgent renal biopsies that require a report on the same day must arrive to laboratory before 11.00am of that day.

Native Renal Biopsies

Where possible, two cores of native renal tissue should be obtained to enable investigation into native renal disease. A good quality core of renal tissue is required for routine histology investigations and should be placed in an appropriately labelled container of 10% Formalin. The second core should be kept fresh or if taken outside of laboratory hours, placed in Zeus Tissue Fixative and is appropriately labelled for immunofluorescence accompanied with a request card.

Cores requiring Immunofluorescence that are fresh should be delivered immediately to Paediatric Histology. If it is not possible to transport these samples immediately they should be placed into Zeus Fixative. These specimens should not be placed into formalin as this technique cannot be performed on fixed tissue. Zeus Fixative is available on request from our laboratory. Immunofluorescence will not be performed on high risk or potentially high risk specimens due to the health and safety risk it poses to staff.

Transplant Renal Biopsies

Two cores of renal tissue if possible and placed in an appropriately labelled container of 10% Formalin accompanied with a request card.

(Last reviewed May 2023)