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Do I have to use MyMFT?

MyMFT is designed for patients of all ages, backgrounds, and ability levels. However, we understand that not everyone will want (or be able) to use an online platform, and their access to care will remain a priority. Existing, non-digital alternatives, such as paper letters, will remain in place. For example, appointment reminders can still be sent out through the post or via text messages, where requested.

Will I be able to nominate a caregiver or family member to manage my account?

With the ‘proxy access’ feature, family members or caregivers can be given access to a patient’s MyMFT data by linking it directly to their own account. This can be done in one of two ways – by having the patient send an invite directly from their account, or by requesting help from your healthcare team – who will be able to do this for you.

Will MyMFT be available in different languages?

MyMFT will only be available in English at launch. However, additional languages may be added at a later date.

To ensure medical accuracy, any health information released to the portal, such as medication names, lab tests, allergies, discharge instructions etc. will only be available in English.

Further translation will continue to be handled through the Trust’s interpretation services.

What is Hive, and what does it have to do with MyMFT?

Recent patients may have seen advertisements for MyMFT featured alongside our ‘Hive’ branding. That’s because MyMFT is part of a wider change programme at MFT, called Hive – which aims to improve all aspects of patient care across the Trust, as we introduce a new Electronic Patient Record (EPR).

Where patients will use MyMFT, staff members will access an equivalent EPR system called ‘Hive’. Think of them as two sides of the same coin!

Does MyMFT integrate with the existing NHS app?

MyMFT does not integrate with the NHS app or Patient Access, and is a separate app for patients accessing services at MFT hospitals.

I’m a patient and a staff member at MFT. How will the portal benefit me in my professional role?

MyMFT will have lots of advantages for staff working at the Trust, including a reduction in documentation time. For more benefits, please visit the MFT staff intranet page, here.

For more FAQs visit our MyMFT login page