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The Cellular Pathology Department currently has several standard charges for its Electron Microscopy Service, dependent on whether the sample requires ultrastructural examination only (i.e. pre-prepared grids), technical work in addition (tissue processing, semi-thin sectioning and/or ultra-thin sectioning) or whether the specimen is to be processed into resin blocks for archiving only.

The specific charge amounts will be detailed within Service Level Agreements. For ad-hoc referrals, where no formal SLA exists, the service user will be advised of the charges on enquiry.

Billing should take place monthly. The service user is invoiced for all requests completed since the previous billing cycle. Backing information is provided.

Service level agreements and service review

Establishment of the sustained provision of electron microscopy services will be done so under a formal SLA between MFT and the service user.

Under the SLA, MFT will seek regular interaction on a mutually agreeable basis to ensure satisfaction with performance. The MFT Electron Microscopy Service periodically issues user surveys in which the service user is kindly requested to participate.

Other service review interaction may be in the form of pre-arranged meetings, telephone conversations, email, etc. as appropriate.

(Last reviewed January 2023)