Current practice and research activity

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We currently use a mixture of direct spreads, cytospins and SurePath Liquid Based Cytology (LBC) technology using the Totalys slide prep machine in our sample preparation.

All samples are prepared in a Containment level 3 room with Class 1 microbiological safety cabinets. Our research activity includes:

  • Precision Pancreas study – Primus 002 Phase 2
  • Protector study – Preventing Ovarian cancer through early excision of tubes and late Ovarian Removal
  • DETECT –Research project to screen women presenting with post-menopausal bleeding for evidence of endometrial carcinoma

Molecular testing – Non-gynaecological Cytology

The non-gynaecological cytology department can facilitate a number of molecular tests on cytology samples due to our close working relationship with the Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust and the Patterson Institute.

It is strongly recommended that the clinicians convey any requests for molecular tests to the attending BMS for any FNA cytology samples or to the consultant cyto/histopathologists for any exfoliative cytology samples, either by indication on the request card or by telephone.


(Last reviewed January 2021)