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All samples must be accompanied by a completed and matching sample request form. This includes samples requested via HIVE at MFT.

Please ensure all fields of request forms are completed. Download the Diagnostic Cytopathology request form for all other sites including MFT. Alternatively, we can supply bulk request forms on request.

It is not acceptable for multiple tests to be requested on a single sample/form, thus, if cytology, biochemistry and microbiology are required then each department must be sent a separate sample in a separate specimen bag (with cytology also receiving a request form). Guidance can be obtained via the DLM Sample Acceptance Policy.

All specimen containers must be clearly labelled with:

  1. Patient’s full name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. NHS &/or Hospital/District number
  4. Specimen type (diagnostic cytopathology samples)

Samples received in the incorrect container will be rejected and the referrer informed. Samples received >48hrs after being taken, will be discussed with the reporting pathologist/senior BMS and may be discarded/rejected.

(Last reviewed March 2024)