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Opening hours

The laboratory is open between 08:30 and 17:30 Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays.

There is no regular on-call service for histopathology laboratory staff, though we do try to accommodate requests for out of hours urgent work wherever possible.


The department is located on levels 3, 4 and 5. The Consultants, main laboratory and secretarial office are situated on the 4th floor of Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, lift core 7, next to pharmacy.

The Giving for Living laboratory is situated above on the 5th Floor

The Paediatric Mortuary is on the 3rd floor Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, lift core 8.  Please see the separate User Guide.

Contact information


Diagnostic Paediatric Histopathology Service
4th Floor
Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital
Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9WL

0161 701 2240

Histology Reports


NHS mail:

Histology reports can be accessed on HIVE. Queries should be directed to the departmental e-mail account

Laboratory Enquiries

All enquiries regarding frozen sections, specimen requesting, labelling, transport and requirements should be directed to the main histology laboratory.

Telephone – 0161 701 2240


(Last reviewed May 2023)