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Haemoglobin A2 2.3 – 3.3%
Haemoglobin F < 1.5%
G6PD 11.2 – 18.8 μg/l 0-6 months

7.3 – 14.1 μg/l >6 months old

G6PD Assay and the testing of travel controls from external sites

When referring tests to MFT we require a completely anonymised sample, that is suspected to be normal but taken under similar circumstances and of similar age to accompany the test samples as a “travel control”. The travel control will only be tested in the event of abnormal results on the patient test samples to ascertain that abnormal results are not due to unknown issues which may affect samples during transit. Should the travel control then also show abnormal results the patient test results will be rejected, and a repeat sample requested as it may be assumed that the test results are not reliable due to poor travel conditions. No results will ever be reported on the anonymised travel control. It is a UKAS requirement that the influence of travel conditions is
considered when interpreting results.

This list is not exhaustive-there may be other factors affecting the reporting of results which are not listed

(Last reviewed January 2023)