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All results will be issued on a printed report unless clinical users specifically request that this is not done. This may take several forms:

1. A Cumulative report giving a maximum of the four most recent results is issued for the majority of profiles and commonly requested single tests.

2. Single shot reports are issued for all tests not on Cumulative reports.

3. Interim (or Ward) reports are also issued in some circumstances or to meet special requirements of some wards. These are temporary reports and should not be stored in the patient’s notes.

4. Electronic Reporting. This can be carried out in two different ways:

  • The first is results reporting back to OCM for those requests made by that system.
  • The second is direct to a department’s clinical system but this will only be done through a special development arranged with the laboratories.

5. Telephone reporting will be used for urgent results for which the other systems would not provide a report quickly enough.

Results which are outside of the limits listed will be telephoned. Other results may be telephoned if they appear to be inconsistent with previous results or of particularly relevant for diagnostic or treatment purposes.

Telephone action limits

Abnormal results for key tests will be telephoned to users, the full list of these tests and ranges is available from the department.

Time limits for requesting additional tests

For most general and endocrine requests it is not possible to add on an additional test more than 24 hours from the time that the original results were authorised. This only applies to analytes that are stable at 2-8° C.


(Last reviewed November 2019)