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The journey so far

In September 2022, MFT launched its new Electronic Patient Record: Hive. A key aspect of this launch was MyMFT, a new patient-facing web portal available on both desktop and mobile devices.


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This portal has greatly increased patients’ access to their healthcare information, and features the ability to:

  • Attend video appointments
  • View upcoming and recent appointment information
  • View letters, current medication, diagnoses & allergies
  • Check-In and confirm arrival for outpatient appointments
  • Cancel appointments online
  • Receive results
  • Manage a dependent’s account through Proxy Access (for parents and carers)
  • Receive clinical messaging from clinicians
  • Access Maternity Centre – an information hub for pregnant women

To date, the Trust has seen a rapid increase in the number of patients actively using the portal, along with a growing number of proxy and temporary users.

However, this is only the first step on our journey, and one that has required continual tweaks and improvements throughout. We continue to work closely with our clinical services and the MyMFT Patient Helpdesk to learn how we can do things better and to quickly resolve any issues that arise.

The future of MyMFT

Over time we expect to add even more features to MyMFT, as we continue to improve and streamline the ways in which a patient can interact with the Trust, potentially revolutionising how these services are run.

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This is a long-term vision and one that we expect will take time to fully introduce and then grow across the organisation. We also recognise that some new features will be better suited to particular services, and we encourage patients to look out for information on new and upcoming features in their area.

We are working with numerous partner organisations across Greater Manchester, the North-West and the NHS nationally to ensure that these features are designed and implemented in-line with those of other organisations and systems. In addition, we are also working to secure additional funding to increase the scale and pace at which these features can be implemented.

Our Future Roadmap

The following features are currently on our roadmap:


Linking to the NHS App

Whilst the NHS App features strong links to primary care services such as GPs and community pharmacies, it provides comparatively little information about hospital care.

We expect to change this on a gradual basis, firstly by making the MyMFT portal accessible via the NHS App by the end of 23/24.

Following on from this, we will pursue a gradual building up of integrated functionality, in line with other healthcare organisations across the country, in order to provide more joined up information and easier access to patients.


Control your communication preferences

We will be adding the ability for patients to let us know how they would like the Trust to communicate with them.

This will ensure clearer and more consistent messaging, according to their preferences e.g. by letter, email, text, MyMFT notification or a combination of the above.



Clinical questionnaires will be incorporated into clinical pathways, allowing patients to provide condition-specific information to staff by completing clinically-designed assessments prior to their appointments.

Waiting list questionnaires will help to simplify and improve the waiting list process by introducing questionnaires that will be sent out in an automated and structured manner as part of the elective surgery pathways.

This will enable patients to confirm specific information about their condition and thereby speed up the process.



Short Notice Appointment Offers. By leveraging Hive and MyMFT’s interactive features, patients will be offered earlier appointments wherever appropriate and where cancellations have occurred.

This will support a reduction in non-attended appointments and therefore in waiting times. This feature will also free up more space for those who aren’t using MyMFT by ensuring that the overall number of unused appointments is reduced.

Self-Scheduling options will empower our patients and their carers to take more ownership over their appointments.

This will include the ability to book, reschedule and cancel appointments using MyMFT.


Prescription renewals

Starting with those patients who are under the long-term care of the Trust and its services, we will aim to implement a new feature that enables patients to log repeat prescription or renewal requests with clinical teams via the portal.

This will reduce clinical time and minimise the need for appointments, freeing up space for other patients and time to care.


Condition-specific hubs

We aim to provide clinically-relevant resources for patients with specific conditions, including an amalgamation of self-care resources, recent tests and assessment scores that are relevant to their condition.

This will also provide patients with the means to remotely submit information and scores to their care teams for review.