Synovial fluid sample collection

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Please see the specimen acceptance policy

Paediatric Lithium Heparin bottle and Synovial request forms are provided by the laboratory for sample collection upon request.

Please contact us on telephone numbers 0161 276 5115/5116/6727 for Lithium Heprain bottles and/or request forms.

For full analysis, at least 300 μl of Synovial fluid is required

Step 1: Once the identity of the patient has been confirmed, collect sample from site and expel all into Paediatric Lithium Heparin bottle.

Step 2: Mix thoroughly by gentle inversions.

Step 3: Label container according to specimen acceptance policy and dispose of materials used in collection according to your local policy

If sample is required for tests using other departments such as microbiology, extra samples need to be collected in the appropriate containers as the cytology sample will not be split.

(Last reviewed January 2019)