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Dr Leonard M. Ebah

Consultant Nephrologist



Special Interests:

Haemodialysis, uraemic toxicity, fluid retention in kidney disease, transdermal technologies, minimally invasive diagnostics, interstitial pathophysiology, acute dialysis, intensive haemodialysis, haemodialysis in the haemodynamically compromised patient.


Leonard gained his primary medical qualification at l’Université de Yaoundé in Cameroon in 2000. After working as a resident in Internal Medicine and Intensive Care at the CHU de Yaoundé, he moved to the UK to specialize in Nephrology. His specialist training started in 2006, after obtaining MRCP and completing Core medical Training at MRI and the UHSM. He holds a CCT in Nephrology. His research career took off effectively in 2008 when he joined the Renal Research team at MINT (Under the Supervision of Professor Brenchley and Dr Mitra) to carry out research into interstitial uraemic toxicity and fluid overload. He successfully completed his PhD entitled “Extraction and Analysis of Interstitial Fluid and Characterization of the Interstitial Compartment in Kidney Disease” in August 2012 at the University of Manchester. His research was recognized as outstanding and he won The Postgraduate Student of the Year Distinguished Awards Medal. He has also gained recognition nationally and internationally, winning prizes such as the Young Innovator Award at the American Society of Artificial Internal Organs and the European Renal Association Fellowship award. His work has led to patents, international collaborations and a spinout medical device company.

Contact details:

Department of Renal Medicine

Manchester Royal Infirmary

Oxford Road, Manchester

M13 9WL

PA: Sharon Mottershead

Tel: 0161 276 6748