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Our specialist services include adult congenital heart disease care, Blackouts clinics, believed to be the first in the world, as well as multidisciplinary genetic clinics.

We have a 19 bedded Acute Cardiac Centre on the 1st floor of the hospital, situated alongside the Cardiac Catheter lab in the new MRI building. We pride ourselves on providing high quality, patient focused, evidence based care in a warm and friendly environment. We constantly strive to improve the quality of care on the ward therefore we appreciate any feedback or ideas you may have.

Manchester Heart Centre Reception

0161 276 4132

0161 276 5672

Ward 5: Mixed Cardiology Ward 0161 701 0873
Ward 4: Mixed Cardiology Ward 0161 276 8900
Ward 3: Mixed Cardiac Surgery Ward 0161 276 4142
Acute Cardiac Centre 1061 276 4200
Fax number 0161 276 5020