Adult Congenital Heart Disease Service

The way care is delivered across the North West of England, North Wales and Isle of Man for people living with congenital heart disease is changing.
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In 2017 NHS England reviewed congenital heart disease services across the country and announced a series of changes to the way care is delivered in the North West of England, North Wales and The Isle of Man. The review looked at services from before birth, right through to old age and including end of life care. Its aim is to ensure that no matter where you live you can expect to receive high quality services that are of a consistent standard across the country and delivered as close to home as possible.

In November 2017 NHS England decided that the specialist adult congenital heart disease (ACHD) service that provided surgery and specialist procedures in Manchester, needed to move to Liverpool. This was to enable robust, safe and sustainable rotas to be developed between the children’s and adult teams who need to be able to work more closely together.

There will still be a specialist ACHD cardiology service at Manchester Royal Infirmary, including maternity care for mothers with ACHD, outpatients and some interventions – but it will no longer be providing ACHD surgery.

Changes like this need careful planning. Specialist ACHD surgical services are expected to start gradually at Liverpool in September 2018, allowing the clinical team some time to establish the new ways of working ahead of the service being fully up and running by January 2019.

Please see the briefing document for more information.

North West ACHD advice line

If you have any concerns about your health, please call the North West ACHD advice line:

0151 254 3333

Calls to the previous 0161 276 7959 number will receive an automated message advising of the new number.