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What is an Enhanced Recovery Programme?

Enhanced recovery is a modern, evidence based approach that helps patients who are undergoing surgery to recover more quickly. Different members of the hospital and primary care team work together in order to ensure patients are:

  • as healthy as possible before receiving treatment
  • receive the best possible care during their operation
  • receive the best possible care while recovering

How does it work?

We are committed to managing your care based on your individual needs during and after your operation. We aim to:

  • Reduce pain with anaesthetic techniques and medication to suit you
  • Use minimally invasive surgical techniques where possible
  • Support and encourage early movement and activity
  • Remove drips, drains and catheters as early as possible
  • Reduce post operative nausea and vomiting by managing your fluid balance and with medication.

We recognise that leaving hospital after an operation can be daunting after having 24 hour support from qualified staff.  We therefore offer a telephone follow up service where you can discuss any worries or concerns with a specialist nurse following your discharge from hospital.

We want you to play an active role in your recovery and we aim to do this by giving open and honest communication regarding your condition, treatment and hospital stay and by providing you with information on how you can best prepare.

Some of the things you can do in the run up to your operation include:

  • Eating well – This will fuel your body in preparation for repair.
  • Exercising – Keeping active will help to speed up your recovery.
  • Giving up smoking – Going smokefree speeds up the healing process and reduces your risk of complications such as chest infections following surgery.

To find out more about the enhanced recovery programmes we provide for individual surgical specialties, please select from the

Patient Experience

Patients are encouraged to give honest feedback about the care they receive so that we can recognise areas of excellence and identify any areas where improvements could be made.  We have a paper questionnaire that you may be asked to fill in, as well as a hand held tablet device which you may be given in the ward area or by your specialist nurse in clinic.

Reviewed ER patient experience questionnaire March 2013

Following the first year of the colorectal Enhanced Recovery (ER) pathway being introduced in May 2011, a number of patients filled out their questionnaires to tell us what they though about the care they received.  This report was published in the Nursing Times in June 2013, which demonstrates the national interest and impact that patient opinions can have on practice.

Getting the measure of patient experience

Getting the measure of patient experience