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What happens on arrival on the unit?

On admission to the unit you will be welcomed by one of our nurses who will help you settle into the bed area. After receiving a handover, the nurse will then assess you and discuss the plan of care with you and your family.

Patients are advised not to bring large amounts of personal belongings to the ward as space is limited.  Please leave valuables at home as we cannot take responsibility for them.

Please make sure you bring: toiletries, pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers and a towel.

If you are having an elective procedure then you will have been seen in pre-admission clinic where the team will have explained the procedure to you and answered any questions you may have had.

It is a very busy ward so you may be asked to wait in our dayroom until a bed becomes available.

What will normally happen during my stay?

Every patients’ plan of care is individual however most of our patients can expect daily ECG’s, daily blood tests, regular blood pressure monitoring and an echo scan of their heart. You will be reviewed daily by a Consultant cardiologist or their specialist registrar.  Most patients stay between 24 and 72 hours. However, recovery can sometimes be slower or some of our patients need extra help so may stay for a little longer.

It may be possible to arrange accommodation for your relatives in Cobbett House.  This can be arranged through the nurse in charge.

When well enough, patients are usually discharged to our cardiology/cardiothoracic step down ward (wards 3 and 4) or back to your own local district General Hospital.

Our Team

During your stay you will be looked after by our team of nurses. The nurse looking after you will introduce himself or herself to you at the beginning of every shift. The nurses are highly skilled in acute cardiology nursing and can offer a range of services including: ECG monitoring, Inotropic support, Intra-aortic balloon pumps, CPAP, Telemetry, Temporary pacing wires, arterial lines, Cardiac rehabilitation and psychological support.

Other members of staff you may meet are:

  • Ward Manager (Navy blue uniform)
  • Junior sisters/charge nurses (royal blue uniform)
  • Band 5 nurses (pale blue uniform)
  • Assistant Practitioners (dark green uniform)
  • Clinical Support Workers (pale blue uniform)
  • Housekeeper (purple uniform)
  • Ward Clerk