Critical Care

We are one of the leading critical care units in Europe. We have up to 40 beds available across our state of the art intensive care and high dependency units. We provide the highest level of care possible to our patients when they need it most.
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Manchester Royal Infirmary’s critical care department cares for both emergency and elective adult patients who require higher levels of care. We service both our local community and an expanding number of regional and superregional specialist services based at MFT.

Our new state of the art facility was completed in 2013, with an intensive care unit (ICU) which is currently commissioned for 18 beds, where patients may be looked after on a ventilator, and our high dependency unit (HDU) which has 18 commissioned beds. There are 22 consultants, 24 doctors in training, 2 critical care matrons, more than 220 critical care trained nurses, and a team of physiotherapists, technologists, pharmacists, dieticians and secretarial support caring for patients in both units.

Our aim is to deliver very high quality critical care in an environment that is appropriate and safe to meet the needs of all patients in accordance with Guidelines for the Provision of Intensive Care Services.

Manchester Royal Infirmary Critical Care Unit
Manchester Royal Infirmary Critical Care Unit

Our specialist services at MFT include:

  • Major Trauma
  • Regional Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Service
  • Major Vascular Surgery and Intervention Service
  • Transplantation and Encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis Surgery
  • Interventional Radiology for GI bleeding and Trauma
  • TIPPs for liver support
  • Tertiary Renal services
  • Tertiary Haematology services

The ICU is mainly for patients with established organ dysfunction such as respiratory, cardiac, hepatic, renal or neurological failure. The HDU admits patients who are less acutely unwell, such as post-operative elective surgical patients, or emergency medical patients.

Following discharge from the ICU and HDU, patients have on-going support from our specialist outreach team of nursing and physiotherapy staff. The team provides on-going specialist rehabilitation care as well as a support structure to support patients and their families, as they recover. This service extends into the outpatients setting and beyond.

Critical Care also provides specialist advice and training to support patients and their families as they prepare for major surgery. Our innovations Surgery School and Enhanced Recovery After Surgery+ with iCOUGH UK based at CMFT, have proved very successful in improving patient recovery from major cancer surgery.


The Critical Care units are located on the first floor phase 1 building at:

Manchester Royal Infirmary, (Purple Zone)
Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9WL

Contact us on 0161 276 4712.