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(e.g. By referral / outpatient service only)


2nd Floor, Purple Zone
Manchester Royal Infirmary
Oxford Road
Manchester  M13 9WL
Tel   0161 276 6397
Fax  0161 276 6148


Opening Hours for routine work:
08.30am – 17.00pm

Out of hours, weekends and Bank holidays:
On call staff & Consultant Clinical Scientist can be paged via MFT switch Tel: 0161 276 1234

Laboratory Key Personnel

Laboratory Director

Prof Kay Poulton PhD, FRCPath – Consultant Clinical Scientist,
Tel: 0161 276 6397

Deputy Director

Mr Stephen Sheldon, FRCPath – Consultant Clinical Scientist
Tel: 0161 276 6397

Consultant Clinical Scientists

Natalia Diaz Burlinson – Consultant Clinical Scientist
Tel: 0161 276 6397

Dr Helena Lee
Tel: 0161 276 6323

Contact Us

General Enquires

Admin Manager
Judith Spencer
Tel: 0161 276 6397
Fax: 0161 276 6148


Additional Support

Essential Telephone Numbers

Specimen Reception 0161 276 6471
Admin office 0161 276 6397
HSCT support Service and GIAS enquiries 0161 276 6661/6662
Chimaerism monitoring enquiries 0161 276 6662/6661
Immunogenetics team – General Enquires 0161 276 6661/6662
Histocompatibility Team – General Enquires  0161 276 7988 / 7919 / 6651 / 6656

Transplant Alert App

If you need support on the Transplant Alert App, then please contact us on the following email address

Laboratory Operations and Quality Manager

Julie Johnson MSc, HCPC
Principal Clinical Scientist

Tel: 0161 276 6424

Additional Information

Labelling of sample containers

The Transplantation Laboratory will make every effort to ensure requests are processed in a safe and timely manner but it is essential that request forms and samples are labelled appropriately and legibly.  The minimum acceptance criteria for request are 4 key identifiers that should include:

  • Patient’s name (forename and surname)
  • Date of birth
  • Hospital number and or MRI District number
  • NHS number

These are all identifiers specific to the patient which help us to confirm identity and are essential.

It is also important to clearly identify the investigations required when completing the request card, please only select the test required and send only the appropriate sample tube.

If you have any concerns regarding this please ring 0161 276 6471 / 6397 for further advice.

Specimens will not be accepted for analysis if:

  • There is insufficient unique identification of the patient i.e. they do not meet the minimum data set for identification
  • Incorrect sample type or tube
  • Incorrect transportation conditions mean that the sample is unsuitable
  • Sample is received in a hazardous condition e.g. leaking or sharps attached.
  • Sample is unlabelled or incorrectly labelled with less than the minimum data set required for patient identification
  • Mismatch of details between the form and sample(s)
  • The information provided is illegible

Samples that fail to meet the above criteria will be discarded as unsuitable for analysis, and the sender will be informed.  The only exception to this is for patients whose identity is anonymous and they have their own unique identifier, for example patient samples from Genito-Urinary Medical Centres or potential bone marrow donors.

Transportation of routine samples to the laboratory

All users are advised to refer to P650 Packaging Instruction@ which applies to UN No. 3373 (Diagnostic Specimens) for information on the correct procedures for packaging and transporting samples.  When sending samples to the laboratory it is important to follow the correct courier and postal procedures and ensure the specimens are appropriately packaged. (See appendix 7.1)

All specimens should be transported to the laboratory as quickly as possible after collection to avoid compromising the results.

Internal on site specimens may be transported directly to the Transplantation laboratory via normal porter rounds during the normal working day or by pneumatic pod system to Pod No 805.  Samples should be placed in a specimen bag with the request for transportation around the trust.

Please contact the laboratory on 0161 276 6471 / 6397 if there are specific questions regarding transportation of specimens.

Urgent samples

If a result is required urgently and the sample will arrive during working hours the laboratory MUST be notified by telephone so that we can prioritise your request.

All samples should be packaged and transported as above.

If you need to submit a sample out of normal working hours for testing on-call please contact the Clinical  Scientist on-call via the hospital switchboard (0161 276 1234).

Awards & Recognitions

The Transplantation Laboratory has full UKAS ISO 15189 accreditation (UKAS Reference No 7878) for medical laboratory services and European Federation of Immunogenetics accreditation (EFI Ref No: 03-GB-009.991)