Ward 1 & 2 Emergency Surgical Trauma Unit

The Emergency Surgical Trauma Unit endeavours to respect privacy and dignity, be sensitive to your religious, spiritual and cultural needs.

We strive to treat individuals fairly according to healthcare needs regardless of age, disability, gender, race or sexuality We aim to maintain an effective partnership between staff, patients and their families.

We also expect these same levels of respect between all our staff and students at all times. We are committed to the safety and well-being of our patients and staff, and expect everyone to be treated with the courtesy and respect they deserve.


  • Orthopaedics
  • ENT
  • Maxilofacial
  • Upper G.I
  • Colorectal
  • Hepatobiliary
  • Renal Transplant
  • Urology
  • Vascular


Purple Zone first floor above main entrance MRI

Number of Beds

62 beds, which includes 2  Receiving units each housing 3 chairs and 4 trolleys.

Currently piloting “hot clinic”

Emergency admission from A+E/Clinic/home.

Ward Matron

Anya Dykins

Ward Manager

Lucy Inight
0161 276 4817/4050

Ward Manager/Senior Sister

Jo Williams

0161 276 4817/4050


Uniform Colours

  • Navy white braid: Matron
  • Navy :Senior Sister
  • Royal Blue:sisters/charge nurse
  • Navy blue braid: Specialist nurse
  • Dark Green :Assistant practitioners
  • Light Green :Clinical support workers
  • White: student nurses
  • White blue braid : physiotherapist
  • White Green braid: occupational therapist
  • Purple/maroon: House keeper

Staffing levels on ESTU are under review with work being carried out at both  ward and trust level around providing safe  staffing numbers and skill mix to care for an increasing number of patients.

Staffing Levels

Our staffing numbers for the three shifts are:

  • Early – 7 trained staff, 2 Nursing assistants.
  • Late – 6 Trained staff, 1 Nursing Assistant.
  • Night – 6 Trained staff,1 Nursing Assistant.

Other staff and partners

  • Student Nurses
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Neck of femur specialist nurse
  • Pharmacy
  • Pathway co-ordinators
  • Consultants all surgical specialities.
  • Dietician
  • House keeper

Map / Directions – How To Find Us

We are on the third floor of the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. If you go up in the first lift that’s in the atrium we are on the left as you come out of the lift.


2pm – 4pm   6.30pm – 8.00pm, only 2-3 visitors per bed.

What to bring, and what not to bring

Everything needed for personal hygiene can be provided such as shower gel and razors. Snacks are offered in-between meals. Your loved ones may appreciate some home comforts but please limit these to one bag per bed space to enable us to provide a safe working space in the unlikely event of a cardiac arrest or fire. Unfortunately due to infection control reasons we no longer allow flowers onto the ward.

Infection Control Statement (Hand Hygiene)

Infection prevention and control is a foundation principle of care provided on ESTU. Basic steps such as ensuring good hand hygiene and strict adherence to policy are mandatory. Regular meeting between the trust infection prevention team and the senior nursing staff ensure best practice is adhered to at all times.


ESTU promotes protected meal times, Meals are served as follows.

  • Breakfast 8.00am
  • Dinner 12:00 midday
  • Tea 5.00pm.

Menus are given out in the mornings for inpatients to select their meals for the day. There are menus available  to meet the nutritional requirements of all patients whether that be vegetarian or Halal etc

Hot drinks are served throughout the day. All patients admitted to ESTU are routinely assessed with the MUST screening tool. This is to determine any patients who require nutritional support are monitored closely and any assistance needed with meals is given as required. Patients if found to be undernourished will be referred to the dietician for extra nutritional support, placed on food charts to monitor their daily intake and placed onto a red tray this is to alert all persons caring for patients who need nutritional support are provided with the assistance and care that they require on an individual basis.

Cleanliness & Hygiene

As you would expect in any health care setting the cleanliness and hygiene of the physical environment is of upmost importance to all the staff working on ESTU. We have a close working relationship with our domestic staff which enables us to maintain high standards and quickly address issues when they arise. Regular inspections by senior domestic staff and a robust system of documenting cleaning task performed help to keep the ward environment conducive to healthcare.


Ensuring patient safety through simple interventions and staff education is of paramount importance to all staff, the senior nursing staff on ESTU have implemented several steps that ensure the safety and ongoing high standards of care of all our patients.

Awards & Accreditation

High Bronze at last annual trust accreditation with minimal actions needed to ensure silver this year.

Short listed as finalist for the Nursing Times Student Placement Provider of the Year 2014.

Both registered nurses and nursing assistants regularly nominated for GEM awards.

Patient Information Leaflet

We have various patient information leaflets available in both our dayroom and entrance corridor covering areas such as what to expect when a loved one breaks a hip, prevention of blood clots and infection prevention and control. We are currently producing a guide to the ESTU to be given out to all patients and there families on admission to the ward and those in A+E waiting transfer to the unit.

How We Use Patient / User Feedback

There are currently several data collection tools in use on ESTU to collate and review patient feedback. Electronic patient surveys are in use for current inpatients and patients going home, these are available in handheld tablets and on the patient’s televisions. We have a comments/suggestions box with ‘Friends and Family’ questionnaires supplied and welcome all feedback in order to improve the patient/visitor experience of ESTU. The data collected is used to focus senior nursing staff time to improve areas of the ward experience ie: pain and nutrition.