We have close links with the specialist Endocrine Surgeons at MRI, the Department of Gynaecology and IVF Unit, and Department of Clinical Genetics at St Mary’s Hospital, and the Department of Neurosurgery at Salford Royal Hospital.

We offer radioactive iodine therapy for patients with thyroid disease in conjunction with the Department of Nuclear Medicine, and services for patients with thyroid eye disease with the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital. We take part in a transition endocrinology service in close collaboration with the Department of Paediatric Endocrinology.

We run a new patient clinic in which see roughly 25 new patients each week, together with the general endocrinology follow-up clinic once per week in which we see approximately 3,500 patients per year.  In addition to general Endocrinology out patient clinics we run specialist joint clinics in the following disciplines:

  • Reproductive Medicine (with gynaecologists C Fitzgerald, MW Seif)
  • Endocrine Surgery (with surgeons NR Parrott, T Augustine, B Forgacs)
  • Paediatric Endocrinology Young Persons’ Clinic (with paediatric endocrinologists P E Clayton, I Banerjee, S Ehtisham)
  • Endocrine Genetics (with clinical geneticist F Lalloo and genetic counsellor C Giblin)

A telephone advice line is available for patients, operated by our specialist nurses.


Professor JRE Davis 0161 276 8750

Professor NA Hanley 0161 276 8751

Professor DW Ray 0161 276 8750

Professor FC Wu 0161 276 8751

New consultant post – to be appointed

Endocrinology Specialist Nurses

Sister Chris Gibson, Nicci Komlosy, Caroline Jagger


By Referral


Manchester Royal Infirmary
Oxford Road,
M13 9WL

Contact Number

0161 276 8750 (secretarial office)

0161 276 8610 (specialist nurses)