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The department has its own Radiopharmacy Unit where tracers are produced for our own use and for other hospitals elsewhere in the region. The facility also includes a PET radiopharmacy, blood-labelling suite, and quality control laboratory.

The Radiopharmacy Unit is located within the Nuclear Medicine Centre on the ground floor of St Mary’s Hospital (Women’s) in the newer part of Central Manchester University Hospitals. The current Nuclear Medicine Centre opened on 29th June 2009, the Radiopharmacy Unit opened on 14th November 2009.

The Radiopharmacy Unit provides comprehensive radiopharmaceutical services to the Trust and to other hospitals. The service includes the manufacture and quality control of radiopharmaceuticals and preparation of radio-labelled blood components for clinical use.

The Unit holds a MHRA Manufacturer’s ‘Specials’ Licence (MS 21387) and a Manufacturing Authorisation for Investigational Medicinal Products MA(IMP) 21387.

The Radiopharmacy Aseptic Unit comprises of three clean rooms each with a separate changing room that conform to EC GMP Grade C and D standards.

The EC GMP Grade C clean room is the Radiopharmacy Preparation Room contains an Amercare Technetium Dispensing Suite Isolator for the preparation of radio-medicinal (mainly technetium) products

One of the EC GMP Grade D clean rooms contains an Amercare Compact Blood Labelling Suite Isolator for the preparation of radiolabelled blood products.

The other EC GMP Grade D clean room contains a heavily shielded PET/Radiotherapy suite isolator.

The Radiopharmacy Unit has long-standing and close links with the University of Manchester and participates in the research and development of radiopharmaceuticals including radiopharmacy practice research. The Unit is also involved in the education and training, both nationally and internationally, of all grades of multidisciplinary staff in Radiopharmacy, Clinical Nuclear Medicine and Medical Physics.

Key Contacts for Radiopharmacy