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Alongside providing healthcare facilities and services fit for the future, our new health campus at North Manchester General Hospital will bring many other benefits to local people, businesses and the wider city

  • Creating jobs for local people during construction plus ongoing employment in healthcare and other roles linked to the campus.
  • Using local businesses in the supply chain to generate economic growth.
  • Improving the long term health of local people, boosting life expectancy by 1.3 years by 2030.
  • Using green travel plans to improve sustainable transport options.
  • Providing opportunities to use the campus education and training facilities.
  • Offering the potential for affordable housing, plus welcoming spaces for hospital staff, patients and local residents to meet, exercise and relax.
  • Providing a sustainable environment with improved air quality while reducing the number of cars on the campus and carbon emissions.
  • Creating a working environment that helps us to attract and retain skilled staff.