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Placeholder photo for Dr Renjith Bose
Dr Renjith Bose

Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine

Placeholder photo for Professor Andrew Boulton
Professor Andrew Boulton

Consultant Physician (Diabetes) and Professor of Medicine, University of Manchester

Placeholder photo for Dr Rachel Brown
Dr Rachel Brown

Consultant Haematologist

Photo of Prof Iain A Bruce
Prof Iain A Bruce

Consultant Paediatric Otolaryngologist Professor of Paediatric Otolaryngology, MAHSC, University of Manchester

Photo of Mr Dan Burke
Mr Dan Burke

Consultant Urological Surgeon

Placeholder photo for Dr Michael Burkitt
Dr Michael Burkitt

Consultant Gastroenterologist and Clinical Lead for Gastroenterology

Placeholder photo for Dr Sarah Burns
Dr Sarah Burns

Consultant Haematologist

Placeholder photo for Dr John Butler
Dr John Butler

Consultant in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine

Placeholder photo for Mr Tunde Campbell
Mr Tunde Campbell

Consultant Transplant Surgeon

Placeholder photo for Professor Simon Carley
Professor Simon Carley

Consultant in Emergency Medicine

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