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Placeholder photo for Mr Tunde Campbell
Mr Tunde Campbell

Consultant Transplant Surgeon

Placeholder photo for Professor Simon Carley
Professor Simon Carley

Consultant in Emergency Medicine

Photo of Dr Rachael Challiner
Dr Rachael Challiner

Consultant Nephrologist

Photo of Mr Stuart Clark
Mr Stuart Clark

Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Placeholder photo for Professor Bernard Clarke
Professor Bernard Clarke

Consultant Cardiologist

Placeholder photo for Mrs Chris Craig
Mrs Chris Craig

Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

Photo of Dr Philip Crea
Dr Philip Crea

Consultant Haematologist

Placeholder photo for Miss Ann Crump
Miss Ann Crump

Consultant Urological Surgeon

Photo of Dr Colin Cunnington
Dr Colin Cunnington

Consultant Cardiologist

Photo of Mr Finlay Curran
Mr Finlay Curran

Colorectal and General Surgeon

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