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Patients are fortunate to have access to a skilled and experienced group of optometrists in optometry practices across Greater Manchester. The content on this page is designed to provide help and support to primary care optometrists when referring into the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital Services.

The following pdf document has been compiled by clinicians at MREH to provide key information when referring into our various clinical services, such as where to direct different presenting complaints and what examinations are needed in order for a patient to be accepted into a service.

The document is digitally available for ease of access and to allow for updates when necessary. The document is version controlled and date stamped so newer versions can be easily identified.

The document is specific to the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital  and the referral requirements of its various sub specialties and therefore should not be applied to other providers of Ophthalmic services.

Manchester Royal Eye Hospital Referrals Guide – February 2023 V3