Elderly Health

Our service aims to provide acute and rehabilitation care for the elderly residents of Trafford and other parts of the country.

We specialise in:

  • Acute medical services for the elderly. ┬áThis includes inpatient management of acute admissions as well as outpatient clinics in general medicine
  • General, usually post-acute, rehabilitation of the elderly
  • Immediate post acute management of stroke
  • TIA and stroke management clinic
  • Falls management including outpatient falls clinics and management of osteoporosis
  • Movement disorder management including Parkinson’s disease and related disorders
  • Movement disorder clinic
  • Orthogeriatric inpatient post-acute and rehabilitation management of fractures
  • Management of diabetes in the elderly
  • Outpatient diabetic clinic for the elderly
  • Acute medical management of vascular dementia and delirium
  • Outpatient management of dizzy spells


The department is located in the Seymour Unit at Trafford General Hospital. We have inpatient acute management in the medical wards, Coronary Care Unit and Critical Care Unit at Trafford General Hospital. The Seymour Unit also caters for inpatient rehabilitation services. Our outpatient clinics are at Trafford General Hospital and Altrincham General Hospital.


All of our consultants work in acute medicine and elderly care. Their areas of special interest are below.

If you have any concerns about coming into hospital or questions about your appointment or treatment you can contact the PALS team on 0161 276 8686 and PALS@mft.nhs.uk


Referrals to the department can be made via your GP. Please advise your GP if you wish to be referred to us.

If a person is already an inpatient, their next of kin should speak to the secretaries in order to make an appointment to see the consultant. Usually we would ask you to speak to one of the staff nurses, ward sister or one of the doctors in the ward first.