Manchester Orthopaedic Centre

The Manchester Orthopaedic Centre opened in November 2013 at Trafford General. The new centre brings together specialist orthopaedic expertise from both Trafford General and Manchester Royal Infirmary.
We provide planned day-case and in-patient surgery for patients from Trafford and Manchester in modern purpose-built facilities. Joint replacements including hips, elbows, knees, and shoulders are carried out at the centre and are supported by an extended therapy service which aims to see patients within 24 hours following treatment.

The Centre’s ward consists of a 20 bedded in-patient area and a 25 bedded day-case area.

Entrance to the ward can be found by entering the hospital at entrance 1 (the clock tower entrance) and following directions for ward 12 (MOC) or entrance 6 Monday to Friday and follow signs to ward 12 entrance A.

Opening hours

The day case area is open 7am – 8.30pm, Monday to Friday.

The in-patient area is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The day case area is also used as an admissions area for those patients that will need to remain in hospital overnight or longer following their procedure.

Single sex accommodation is provided for all patients on the day case and in-patient area of ward 12.

Telephone number 0161 746 2414 (Monday to Friday 07:00- 20:30) or 0161 746 2110.

Clinic times and location

  • General orthopaedic clinic (TGH): Monday afternoon (weekly), Tuesday morning (weekly), Wednesday morning (weekly), Wednesday afternoon (weekly), Thursday afternoon (alternate weeks).
  • General orthopaedic clinic (AGH): Monday afternoon (alternate weeks), Tuesday morning (alternate weeks), Wednesday afternoon (alternate weeks), Thursday afternoon (alternate weeks).
  • Fracture clinic (TGH): Monday morning (weekly), Wednesday morning (weekly), Thursday morning (weekly), Thursday afternoon (weekly), Friday morning (weekly).
  • Check clinic (TGH): Monday morning (weekly), Wednesday morning (weekly), Thursday morning (weekly), Thursday afternoon (weekly), Friday morning (weekly).


Ward Manager: Claire Entwistle

Matron: Gill Stirrup

Lower Limb Surgeons

Foot and Ankle Consultants

Mr Richard Samarji (Foot & Ankle Surgeon)

Mr Amer Shoaib (Limb Reconstruction & Foot & Ankle Surgeon)

Mr Efstathios Drampalos (Foot & Ankle Surgeon)

Hip and Knee Consultants

Mr Nicholas Kenny   (Hip & Knee Surgeon)

Mr Andre Kocialkowski (Lower Limb Arthroplasty)

Mr Pankaj Sharma (Knee surgeon)

Mr Mobeen Ismail (Trafford Medical Director & Hip & Knee Surgeon)

Mr Julian Gilbody (Lower Limb Arthroplasty)

Professor Leela Biant (Academic Lead and Knee Surgeon)

Mr Kan Nyunt (Locum Lower Limb Surgeon)

Mr Irfan Fayyaz (Associate Specialist)

Mr Dave Ellis (Trauma lead) (Hip & Knee surgeon)

Upper Limb Consultants

Shoulder Consultants

Mr Bibhas Roy (Shoulder & Elbow Surgeon)

Mr Praveen Sarda (Shoulder Surgeon)

Mr Ananth Ebinesan (Shoulder Surgeon)

Hand Consultants

Mr Syed Zaf Naqui (Hand Surgeon – Trafford Hand Trauma list)

Mr Lindsay Muir (Hand Surgeon – Trafford Hand Trauma List)

Mr Constantinos Kritiotis (Hand Surgeon – Trafford Hand Trauma List)

Orthopaedic Oncology Consultants

Mr Ashok Paul (Ortho oncology)

Mr Amit Kumar (Ortho oncology + lower limb arthroplasty