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Trafford Hospitals provides a range of health services, including an urgent care centre, acute medical unit, surgical care, stroke and rehabilitation services and the Manchester Elective Orthopaedic Centre.

There are opportunities for the public to get involved in different ways.

1. You can participate in research studies

If you are interested in participating in research studies there are a number of ways in which you can get involved:

  • If you are under the care of a consultant or GP for a particular health condition, speak to them initially about clinical studiesthat may be suitable for you.
  • Visit our dedicated hospital research pages, to find out more information about each hospital’s research.
  • The UK Clinical Trials Gateway website is full of information for those interested in taking part in clinical studies.
  • Email if you would like to find out more about research at MFT.

2. You can get involved in research by working with researchers to help plan and run studies

There are opportunities to join patient advisory groups for research studies or work with researchers as patient representatives. Your active involvement will help the researchers consider the patient’s perspective and they will value your input greatly.

People in Research has a national database of opportunities to allow you to find out how you could get involved in this way.

The National Institute for Health Research also has information about how you can learn more about research and get involved.

3. Sign up to our newsletter

Sign up to our bi-monthly research newsletter, to find out about the latest clinical research news and events at MFT.

4.  You can contribute to other activities at MFT
There are many ways to get involved with other areas of our hospital:

  • Sign up with the Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Team to take part in a large variety of projects, including sitting on patient panels.
  • Sign up to become a volunteer with the Trust’s Volunteer Service, who play a key role in making sure that all patients and visitors to the hospitals have as positive an experience as possible.
  • Sign up to become a member of the Foundation Trust and contribute to future plans for these hospitals.