Laboratory Medicine

Laboratory Medicine at Trafford General Hospital provides a comprehensive service to both acute and primary care, some of which is provided via the Oxford Road Campus. A routine service is provided during office hours with an emergency service operating for the remainder of the time.

All departments hold full UKAS/ISO accreditation.

The main Laboratory Medicine internet pages can be found here.

Trafford Opening Hours

8.45am – 5.15pm, Monday-Friday.

On-call service via switch (0161 748 4022) at all other times.

Contact Details

Service Location Manager telephone
Histology Oxford Road Campus 0161 276 6138
Microbiology Oxford Road Campus 0161 276 5747
Biochemistry Trafford General Hospital 0161 746 2494
Phlebotomy & Anticoagulation nurses Trafford General Hospital x 2946
Haematology & Blood Transfusion Trafford General Hospital 0161 276 4421

(Last reviewed December 2021)