The department, located at Trafford and Altrincham, provides a comprehensive range of diagnostic imaging for all patients carrying out approximately 96,000 examinations per year across a range of modalities.

The service is provided by a skilled team of dedicated radiologists, radiographers and sonographers. There are also several radiographic assistants (RDAs) who support the clinical staff and a dedicated administration team who provide essential non-clinical support, dealing with a full range of patient presentations. All departments in the Directorate of Clinical Radiology work together to identify the most suitable site for the scan or procedure to be performed at e.g. if a request is received at Trafford for a DEXA scan, an appointment will be made to perform the scan at MRI as this is where the DEXA service is run from.

Areas Within the Service

  • General Radiography
  • Fluoroscopy
  • CT Scanning
  • MR Scanning
  • Ultrasound (general and obstetric)

Admission Information

By referral only.

Relatives and Escorts

The number of people allowed to remain with a patient during an examination varies dependent on the modality and the type of examination being undertaken. Generally, for safety reasons, a relative or escort cannot accompany the patient into the scanning room except in very special circumstances.

Siblings or other accompanying children are not permitted into the x-ray, CT or MR scan rooms. Parents/carers of patients attending as outpatients, particularly for longer examinations need to ensure that they have someone with them to mind any accompanying children.

Pregnant carers

A number of examinations involve exposing the patient to ionising radiation. Due to the increased risk to the foetus from ionising radiation, a carer who is pregnant:

May be able to go into an x-ray room but would not be able to help the patient during the examination

Would not be able to stay in the CT scanner room during the examination

Although MR does not involve any exposure to ionising radiation, it is not advised to stay in the MR scan room with a patient having a scan during the first trimester of pregnancy

Patients attending the department outside of core hours need to be accompanied by a member of nursing staff.


Ground Floor, Trafford Hospital, Moorside Road, Davyhulme, Manchester, M41 5SL

Opening Hours

Core hours 8am – 8pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Staff remain on site from 8pm until 2am to attend to urgent in-patient referrals and cover from home from 2am until 8am being contacted via switchboard.


Alwan, Yousef MRI, RMCH
Awad, Dina MRI
Balashanmugam, Rajashanker MRI
Chalmers, Nicholas MRI
Dixon, Rachel RMCH
Farquharson, Finn MRI
Ganapathy Anantha-Krishnan MRI
Hawkes, Rob RMCH
Kakani, Nirmal MRI
Karunaratne, Devinda MRI
Kirwadi, Anand MRI
Kulshrestha, Randeep TRAFF
Lee, Stephen MRI
MacDonald, Lois MRI & TRAFF
Nadarajah, Vinotha MRI
Norburn, Peter TRAFF
O’Shea, Sarah MRI
Porter, Neil MRI & TRAFF
Rafik Filobbos MRI
Sethi, Rishi MRI
Stokes, Marie MRI & TRAFF
Tang, Vivian RMCH
Whitehouse, Richard MRI
Wright, Neville RMCH

Contact Details

Monday – Friday 7.45am-5.45pm (answer machine outside of these times)

Reception 0161 746 2096

Appointments 0161 746 2001 / 2607

The duty radiologist can be contacted via reception to discuss urgent requests.

Additional Support

Patients who are unable to communicate in English effectively, or those who have a sensory impairment, learning disabilities or mental health problems, are entitled to support to enable them to communicate effectively with health service staff. Trust policy is not to use staff members or relatives/friends in such role. You must let us know if you feel any support is required prior to attendance and we will arrange this for you.

Additional Information


Photography of images from screens in the examination rooms is not allowed. As with patient notes, should anyone wish to obtain a copy of any images then this should be formally requested via the Trust legal department

Infection Control

The department adheres to the trusts infection control standards and balances these along with their own radiation protection rules. Please ensure that radiology staff members are made fully aware of a patient’s infection control status prior to them attending the department.