Restart of Lung Health Checks

posted 29 October, 2020

RE: Attending Lung Health Check appointments during COVID-19 pandemic   Individuals are encouraged to attend their community based Lung Health Check appointments, as long as you do not have COVID symptoms or are currently isolating. Therefore, we wanted to let you know that to support our participants to attend for their community based Lung Health Check appointment we have implemented the following:
  • Reduced daily appointment numbers to allow for social distancing
  • Enhanced cleaning schedule
  • Provision of hand sanitiser
  • Provision of masks
When attending your community based appointment, we do ask that you attend by yourself, where possible and you attend at the specific appointment time allocated to enable the social distancing measures to be adhered to. Bookings team: 0161 291 3580 (Monday to Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm) Nurse hub: 0161 291 3587   (Monday to Friday 8.00am -6.00pm)

Event details

Gate 7, Ashton New Road

Manchester Lung Health Check Programme