What happens next?

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Now that you have had your health check, the assessment, the breathing tests and heart beat will be reviewed by the clinical team.

If you have had a CT scan, these images will be interpreted by specialist chest radiologists and the results sent through to your clinical team. 

All of this information will be used to make recommendations to your GP. The vast majority of Lung Health Check participants will not require further diagnostic investigations. 

Some may need to see their GP or Practice nurse on a non-urgent basis. 

Others may require additional diagnostic test(s) at your local hospital or potentially at the specialist chest hospital in Wythenshawe. 

We expect to send your results within 4 weeks of your Health Check. Occasionally, we will arrange a telephone consultation to run through any abnormal findings, to provide you with an immediate opportunity to ask questions. 

If you have not received your results within 4 weeks, please contact the Nurse hub on 0161 291 3587