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2019 Feedback from participants:

“Excellent staff”
“Very nice staff”
“Encouraged by GP to attend/book appointment”
“Friendly and welcoming
“Clean facilities”
“Everything explained”
“Not daunting or scary”
“Better service than the hospital”
“Fab so close to home”
“Nice and kind from coming in”
“Easy to find”
“Good incentive as offered a CT scan now”
“Everything was good”
“Very happy with the test”
“Glad to get it all checked”
“Very good and staff are very kind”
“Quick and easy, very pleased”
“Think keeping it community based means more people will attend. Was a very relaxed and comfortable experience”
“It was an extremely welcoming environment staff were pleasant and friendly. Questions were answered positively”
“Thank you everyone was wonderful and would recommend anybody to have this done. Again thank you”
“Put at ease and lovely staff”
“This experience was very good and fast”
“Very happy with my consultation today. Made to feel at ease and everything explained well”
“Fantastic, very good, clean, very polite & explained everything”
“Done job well”
“Very impressed and big thank you”
“The staff were very nice and helpful. I would recommend for people to attend the clinic”
“Really good and efficient. Has been a pleasure to be seen by the nurses here today”
“Very good service”
“Great staff. A pleasure to meet. Thank you”
“Reassuring service”
“Excellent and professional service. Well explained”
“The test was carried out in a professional and friendly manner”
“One of the best services the NHS can offer”


The patient experience survey completed by 211 of the patients who attended a lung health check in  the pilot of 2016 delivered the following results:

99% thought care and treatment, waiting time, location and communications of the Lung Health Check (LHC), were excellent or good.

98% thought the communications at the CT scan was excellent or good.

100% felt the facilities at the LHC were excellent or good “Feedback was very positive – many thought the whole process was “brilliant.” and could not be improved upon.”

Comments about uptake:

  • Due to GP letter receipt
  • For age or health-related concerns and desire to “catch things early”

Comments about Locations:

  • Accessible and “very convenient”
  • Liked avoiding the waiting times of hospital clinics
  • Liked everything being in one place and scans being available immediately

Comments about Information:

  • Invitation letter and mobile unit team explained very well what would happen and why.
  • The staff were almost universally praised for being very friendly and professional.