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Why we are offering lung health checks

There are often no signs or symptoms of lung cancer at an early stage. As a result, sadly around 7 in 10 cancer patients are currently being diagnosed too late to be cured.

Targeted Lung Health Checks help find problems early (often before you notice anything is wrong) and at a stage when treatment could be simpler and more successful – ultimately saving more lives.

Most lung cancers grow slowly enough for them to be found at an early stage by a lung scan.

What is a Targeted Lung Health Check?

A Targeted Lung Health Check is a two stage process in which we assess the health of your lungs.

You will have an appointment with a specialist respiratory nurse to assess your chances of developing lung cancer and other long term conditions.

If you are identified as someone who has a higher risk of lung cancer you’ll be invited to have a quick CT scan in the same community clinic as where your Lung Health Check has taken place. The scan will take a detailed image of your lungs for us to review. If a problem is found you’ll be referred on for further tests and treatment.

Why you’ve been invited

Those aged from 55 to 74 who smoke or used to smoke have a higher risk of developing lung cancer. We want to check your lungs are working well. It’s rare that an issue is found, but if it is we can act quickly and provide treatment. It’s your decision if you attend a lung health check or not.


For more information on how the targeted Lung Health Check is evaluated please visit the NHS England website