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Placeholder photo for Dr Jo Puleston
Dr Jo Puleston

Consultant Gastroenterologist

Placeholder photo for Dr Ahmed Qamruddin
Dr Ahmed Qamruddin

Consultant Microbiologist

Placeholder photo for Dr Anand Rajasekaran
Dr Anand Rajasekaran

Consultant Anaesthetist

Placeholder photo for Dr Prasanna Rao-Balakrishna
Dr Prasanna Rao-Balakrishna

Consultant Physician

Placeholder photo for Professor David Ray
Professor David Ray

Professor of Medicine and Endocrinology

Photo of Dr Alberto Rocci
Dr Alberto Rocci

Consultant Haematologist, Myeloma and Amyloidosis lead - Clinical trials lead; Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester

Photo of Dr Meena Rudralingam
Dr Meena Rudralingam

Consultant in Oral Medicine and Paediatric Oral Medicine Lead

Photo of Dr Martin K Rutter
Dr Martin K Rutter

Senior Lecturer in Cardiometabolic Medicine and Honorary Consultant Physician

Placeholder photo for Dr Kate Ryan
Dr Kate Ryan

Consultant Haematologist

Photo of Dr Nandini Sadasivam
Dr Nandini Sadasivam

Consultant Haematologist

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