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Placeholder photo for Dr Handrean Soran
Dr Handrean Soran

Consultant Physician and Endocrinologist

Placeholder photo for Emma Jane Stapleton
Emma Jane Stapleton

Consultant Otolaryngologist, Cochlear Implant and Skull Base Surgeon

Photo of Mr Nicholas A. Stylianides
Mr Nicholas A. Stylianides

Consultant Colorectal and General Surgeon

Placeholder photo for Dr Iren Szeki
Dr Iren Szeki

Consultant Nephrologist with interest in interventional nephrology, vasculitis and apheresis

Placeholder photo for Dr Afshin Tavakoli
Dr Afshin Tavakoli

Consultant Surgeon in Transplantation and Renal Failure Surgery

Placeholder photo for Dr Hood Thabit
Dr Hood Thabit

Consultant Diabetologist & Honorary Senior Lecturer

Placeholder photo for Dr Jecko Thachil
Dr Jecko Thachil

Consultant Haematologist

Photo of Dr Eleni Tholouli
Dr Eleni Tholouli

Consultant Haematologist

Photo of Dr Anand Vardhan
Dr Anand Vardhan

Consultant Nephrologist

Placeholder photo for Dr Prasad Venkat
Dr Prasad Venkat

Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine

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