Welcome to Manchester Royal Infirmary Allergy service. We offer a comprehensive service including the diagnosis and management of complex allergy. In order to be seen in our clinic a referral from a General Practitioner or Specialist is required. For information on how to refer please see the contact details section below.

The allergy services provided includes:

  • Diagnosis of suspected allergy including respiratory, food, latex.
  • Comprehensive allergy management planning including self injectable adrenaline training
  • Diagnostic food and drug challenges
  • Management of refractory allergic rhinitis with immunotherapy
  • Management of venom allergy with immunotherapy
  • Investigation of drug and vaccine allergy
  • Investigation of anaesthetic anaphylaxis
  • Management of allergic complications in patients with confirmed mastocytosis
  • Rapid Access Anaphlylaxis Service: Referral form in “Related Downloads

Referrals for anaesthetic anaphylaxis assessment should be sent to Dr Nigel Harper (Department of Anaesthesia, Manchester Royal Infirmary) and should be made using the AAGBI referral form found on the AAGBI web site. For further information on the anaesthetic anaphylaxis service please contact the Department of Anaesthesia on 0161 901 1493.

Outpatient Service

Day Clinic Location
Monday am Allergy (new and follow up)

Main OPD Suite D


Tuesday am (Every 2nd week) Anaesthetic anaphylaxis (new and follow up)

Elective Treatment Centre


Tuesday am Infusion day case

Specialist Medicine Day Unit


Challenge Day Case

Specialist Medicine Day Unit


Tuesday pm Immunodeficiency (follow up only)

Ward 44 Haematology Out Patients


Wednesday pm Allergy (new and follow up)

Main OPD Suite A


Thursday am Allergy (new and follow up)

Main OPD Suite D



Main OPD Suite D


Thursday pm Allergy (new and follow up)

Main OPD Suite D


Friday am Immunodeficiency (new and follow up)

Kellgren Centre for Rheumatology


Friday all day – (approx every 2 weeks) Challenge Day Case Specialist Medicine Day Unit

Clinics are weekly unless otherwise specified.


The Department maintains an internal database of all patients undergoing challenges and immunotherapy and those assessed for anaesthetic anaphylaxis. The department holds and updates the UK fatal anaphylaxis register (UKfar).

There are often active observational studies and clinical trials within the department and we strive to offer all our patients the opportunity to participate in clinical research, although you are of course free to decline at any point. Please feel free to ask your consultant for details on potential research studies.

Education and Training

The Department is actively involved in the delivery of educational sessions for Primary and Secondary care providers. If you are interested in learning more about Immunology/Allergy please contact us.

The Department actively trains junior doctors and registered nurses for specialist roles within the Allergy team.


Department of Allergy and Immunology Manchester Royal Infirmary Oxford Road Manchester M13 9WL

Contact Details

Administration: 0161 276 6468 Fax: 0161 276 6439 Specialist Nurses: 0161 276 6186

Referrals can be sent by post, email (from primary care and other trusts using to send: or from internal CMFT staff using to send: or fax.

Clinical enquiries and queries can be sent by email also (the above addresses) from health care professionals. Please remember not to use patient identifiable information unless sending via to or to

Additional Support

The specialist nurses provide support and telephone advice to patients once they have been accepted for care in the department.



Tomaz Garcez – Consultant Clinical Immunologist and Clinical Head of Service

Sara Drinkwater – Consultant Clinical Immunologist (Part time)

Andrew Parkes – Consultant Anaesthetist

Specialist Nurses

Jill Edmonds

Jennifer Osborne

Peter Pimblett

Trainee and other doctors

Speciality trainee doctor (Immunology)
Foundation Year 2 Doctor in Training

Administrative Staff

Angela Bedford
Josephine Hopkinson
Julie Redshaw
Shelagh Baxendale – Department of Anaesthesia