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If you are diagnosed with Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) we will offer you training in self-treatment with the medications that may be needed to treat a swelling. This training will be carried out in our day case unit and can be completed in one to two sessions.

There are two main medications used to treat swellings in HAE.

One, icatibant, is given into the fatty tissue under the skin (subcutaneous) using a pre-filled syringe. It is generally very easy to train patients to use this medication.

The other, C1 inhibitor, is given directly into a vein. It can be more difficult to train patients in how to do this depending on a few things, including how good their veins are. Training to self-treat with C1 inhibitor can therefore take a bit longer and may take more visits than training with icatibant.

We have a homecare company who will deliver the medication and all the equipment you need to your home address.

Prophylactic treatment for HAE and home therapy training

There are several preventative options for HAE therapy and these will be discussed with patients in clinic if relevant.